Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Have Come to the Conclusion...

...that the wife and mother of a household/family sets the entire tone of the home. With that said, I have some work to do.
Yesterday, I cleaned out my dining room. If I make an extra effort to have a more orderly and organized home, then all who enter will feel it. (Especially those who live here)

On a completely unrelated note...
I want a new couch and kitchen table. I found a custom couch from Bassett that is currently on sale for Memorial Day...oh the temptation of CHOOSING YOUR OWN FABRIC! My current couch is starting to wear and has been pilling for a long time.
My kitchen table is missing one of the four chairs (pretty funny story) and the finish is coming off the top. To quote my dad, "You buy cheap, you get cheap." It has served us well, but...the show must go on. I'm thinking I'd like to graduate from round to square. What will I do with my holiday table cloths then? Sigh...

Since this the quite a potpourri post, here's what we've been up to:
~Prince William got married.
~Reagan and I renewed our season passes and went to Busch Gardens with GiGi (Devin's mom) the other day.
~On Saturday, I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune in Roanoke while Rea and Dev visited the Metro Richmond Zoo.
~Rea, Todd, Bon Bon (my mom) and I went to the National Zoo. It was craptastic. Such a disappointment!
~Todd and I spent a day in Philadelphia complete with an authentic cheese steak underneath one of Philly's MANY overpasses.
~Rea and I took a BEAUTIFUL drive to Luray for the funeral of a dear friend's dad.
~Devin went to St. Louis for a few days.
~Devo and Rea got me a Kindle for Mother's Day. (LOVE it!)
~I went to the 22181 and attended a wedding open house and bridal shower.
~Devin's new(ish) office had a really nice open house.
~Reagan finished pre-school.
~I've vowed to drink more water...again.
~I picked Reagan's dance class for next year (she's going to LOVE it!)

Up next:
A trip this week to New York for Devin's cousin's wedding.
Devin goes to Birmingham.

Stay tuned...

P.S. This picture has NOTHING to do with this post, but I think my face looks thin. Once I get my current pictures downloaded on this computer, I will put some on here. (my NEW laptop is retarded and needs some TLC courtesy of Geek Squad.)